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Tenancy Saver Loan

Tenancy Saver Loans

Are You a Private Sector Tenant in Rent Arrears Due to Covid? 

The Tenancy Saver Loan scheme is a project supported by Welsh Government to support those at risk of eviction due to financial difficulties created by the Covid pandemic.  Loans awarded under this scheme are set at 1% APR and paid directly to the tenant's landlord to prevent evictions. 

All of the following criteria must be met in order to apply to us for this loan:  

If you do not meet the criteria above, support is available from the Citizens’ Advice Cymru Private Rented Sector helpline on 0300 330 2177. 


If you meet all of the above criteria except for living in the areas listed above, you can apply to the participating credit union for your area by completing the enquiry form on the Credit Unions of Wales page. 

Please note that eligibility to apply does not guarantee a successful loan application - the loan assessment will be based on affordability and the ability to repay the loan, as well as providing supporting documents, which includes a declaration from your landlord. 



If you think you are eligible to apply, please complete the loan application in the link above. if you have any queries, please email our Tenancy Saver Loan on or telephone 01656 729912 or 01656 667089



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